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Business and license terms The use of applications Levebee and related services (hereinafter referred to as "the Services Levebee" or „the Services“) is governed by the following terms of contractual relations between you, i.e. the User of the services Levebee, and company Levebee, s.r.o., headquartered at Taborska 31, Praha 4, ZIP 14000, Identification number: 03362078, registered in the Business Register at the City court in Prague, section C, file 230690 (hereinafter referred to as „the Provider“), which provides the services Levebee. These terms are referred to as „the Business and license terms“ or only "the Terms" in this document. 1. Use of services Levebee 1.1 By using the Services Levebee or only registration into the application Levebee on address www.levebee.com, you confirm that you have read and agreed with the Business and license terms. Should you accept the Terms as a representative of a corporate body, herewith you confirm that you are appointed and have the right to accept the Terms on behalf of the corporate body, which you represent. Should you disagree with the Terms of using the Services Levebee fully or even partially, you are not authorized to use the Services. On finalizing the registration or payment, you will be requested to tick the check box that you agree with the Terms, which is considered as your approval of the Terms. 1.2 The Services Levebee can be used only in such capacity, which is not in conflict with the Terms and does not violate ownership or other rights of third parties, in particular you agree with the following: • You will not use the Services Levebee to violate applicable regulations • You will not use the Services Levebee in such a way, which would cause damage to the Provider and/or interfere with the possible use of the Services Levebee by other persons • You will not use the Services Levebee to send, process or to forward unrequested mail or advertisement 1.3 Should the Provider gain suspicion that the services are being used in an unauthorized or an incorrect way, the Provider has the right, after prior warning, or in serious cases even without prior warning, to take measures, which he considers appropriate to prevent this activity or to amend the situation. Breach of the Terms can result in cancellation of your account. 1.4 The Provider is not responsible for the content of services created, uploaded or attached by the Users. 1.5 Applications, all data for running these applications, user data, education records, data entered by the user and other materials excluding multimedia data, are stored in servers located within the European Union. 1.6 The Provider secures the Services Levebee in the following capacity: • Protecting servers of the Service Levebee in regard to the Provider using a Firewall and guaranteeing only in this frame of technology that it will prevent potential leakage of information caused by using the Services Levebee, especially when: • potential abuse, damage or loss of information or documents used by the Users in the framework of the Services Levebee including potential loss of information about the User´s progress in education • potential leakage of information about users of the Services Levebee • any other consequences of using the Services Levebee In case of breach of guarantee, you are entitled to liquidity charges, which is set to the maximum extent of your invoice price for using the Services Levebee. 1.7 The User accesses the Services Levebee via user name and password. The Provider does not bear responsibility for unauthorized access to the Services Levebee based on abuse of the user name and password, given these data were insufficiently protected with regard to the User. 1.8 The Services Levebee are offered and can be accessed via currently available internet exclusively at your own risk. With respect to the facts stated above, the Provider cannot always guarantee that: • the Services Levebee corresponds to your requirements and needs • the Services Levebee contains correct information at all times • the Services Levebee will be available continuously and problem-free 1.9 The cost of your Internet connection is not included in the price of the Services. The Internet costs are covered by each User individually. 1.10 Provisions varying from the Business and License Terms can be agreed on in the purchase contract. Differing provisions in the purchase contract shall prevail over the provisions stated in the Business and License Terms. 1.11 The extent of the Services, which Levebee s.r.o. offers via the applications Levebee, comes out of the functions of this application described on the website of the Provider. 1.12 For trouble-free use of the applications Levebee, we recommend the operation system Microsoft Windows, Linux or Apple Mac-OS with internet viewer Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in its latest available edition. 1.13 Reading training in the application Levebee relies on decades of proven skill teaching methods as well as new forms of education that enable the use of an interactive online environment. As a result, the Services Levebee helps improve efficiency and quality of reading. 1.14 The Provider of the Services Levebee has adjusted these education methods to suit an online environment with respect to the maximum quality of services as well as maximize efficiency according to its best knowledge and interest. Form and adaptation of these methods were tested at the research and development level and discussed with reading education experts, who oversaw the services Levebee and involved in the service development long-term. 1.15 With regard to individual physiologic and psychic disposition of each person, there isn´t a 100 % guarantee that each person will be able to reach the stated improvements in reading. The stated levels are a realistic estimate originating from 1) past results of users of the Services Levebee, 2) theoretic sources of authors specialized in this field and experience of these experts participating in the development of the Services Levebee and 3) premises that each registered user of the Services has a real interest in improving reading skills, in particular reading quality and that one would fully follow all the instructions and recommendations, which will be provided through the application and other materials by Levebee. 2. License terms 2.1 The Services are provided and licensed based on ordered licenses by particular users for a particular period of time. The License gives right only to use of the Services Levebee in the corresponding extent, i.e. the right to access the online applications Levebee. 2.2 The order for a paid license is done by a registered user usually in the application Rozečti.se or Legentas in the section Account / Payments, or as an unregistered user in the corresponding part of the web, which you will be directed to from the home page www.levebee.com. 2.3 Offered types of license versions include: • Access to the online application Levebee – free tryout By registering into the application Levebee, your free of charge access is activated for a set of beginner lessons. The registration and use of this free of charge access for user application Levebee does not bind one to any obligation. Three education lessons and some useful education materials are available under the terms of this license version free of charge. The License does not guarantee any user support, or response time for the support. The possibility of using this free of charge access for the application Levebee is not time limited and can be discontinued at any time. 2.4 The Provider reserves the right to the change the type of licenses and their specifications. You will be always notified of such a change by email and notified via the application. The new terms are considered applicable 30 days from having been published on the website www.levebee.com and having been sent to the registered Users. This period provides you with enough time to complete the education course Levebee under the old terms. Should you not cancel your registration, you are considered to have accepted the new terms. 3. Service accessibility - Service Level Agreement 3.1 The Provider provides online Services as they are and it is not possible to make any claims or guarantee in other way or under other conditions other than described in the Terms. 3.2 The Provider shall not bear responsibility for factual or eventual damages of any kind, which could have occurred due to incorrect use of the Services with regard to the Users inability to use the Services due to a dysfunctional internet connection or other systems or programs. 3.3 The Provider shall not bear responsibility for any potential damage incurred by loss, destruction or damage of data, which occurred due to incorrect use of the Services Levebee by the User, including the loss of information on the User´s progress in the education course. 3.4 The Provider does not grant compatibility between Levebee and other applications outside applications outlined on the Provider´s website and on the address www.levebee.com and stated in the section 1 of the Terms. 3.5 In case the Services Levebee are not accessible due to reasons within the Provider's domain, the User under below described conditions is entitled to demand extension of the License validity, or a new License as liquidity damages according to the account stated in the point 3.7. 3.6 Website maintenance for a period longer than necessary, updating or other operations requesting temporary inaccessibility of the Account can be considered as some of the reasons for dysfunctional Services tractable by the Provider. The following reasons do not belong to the above mentioned group and cannot be used as a reason for demanding liquidity damages. It refers especially to: • factors outside possible control of the Provider • result of third party software or hardware activity • result caused by inactivity of the User or third party • result of unusual or unexpected use of the Services • inaccessibility during planned maintenance shutdown (shutdown shorter than 8 hours announced to the Users via the system at least 3 days prior) • potential troubles caused in Beta operation or trial run 3.7 Liquidity damages in the form of prolongation of the license validity, or a new License for the Services Levebee amounting to the extent of the originally invoiced price to the User is the only compensation for the Users of the Services Levebee due to dysfunction of some services within the application Levebee, application inaccessibility due to reasons tractable by the Provider or potential damages caused by using the application Levebee, which do not have limited liability stated in the Terms. The User is not entitled to decrease the remuneration for given period, or reimbursement for the damage. The maximum amount of the liquidity damages is set in the following way: • You are entitled to liquidity damages amounting to another – new – license with regular validity of the license due to the failure of the Services for the period longer than 48 hours. 3.8 The amount of liquidity damages cannot exceed the value of the User license for an individual or given organization under any circumstance. 3.9 The length of failure of the Services Levebee is calculated from the time of announcement of the failure to the technical support personnel of the Provider by the User. Without prior announcement, no claim for liquidity damages can be accepted. 3.10 Contact information for the user support and means of contact can be found on the website www.levebee.com or on profiles on social networks used for communication with the Users. 3.11 The volume of the User support varies based on the license type. Response time (i.e. time from registration of the support request to proposing a solution to the User) for User support depends on license type, which you use: • Access to the online application Levebee – free tryout - Neither support, nor the response time is guaranteed. 4. Other rights and duties of contractual parties 4.1 The User takes into consideration that the program equipment and other parts composing the web interface of the Provider are protected by copyright. The User commits not to perform any activity, which would enable him or third party interference with unauthorized usage of the program equipment or other parts composing of the web interface of the Provider´s Services. 4.2 The User is not authorized to use mechanisms, program equipment or other course of action while using the Provider´s web interface, which could have negative impact on the Provider´s web interface operation. It is possible to use the Provider´s web interface only to the extent, which does not limit the rights of other Users of the Services and is in accordance with its purpose. 4.3 The User takes into consideration that the Provider of the Services does not bear responsibility for mistakes caused by third party intervention into the website or caused by using the website in conflict with its purpose. 4.4 Any software or data downloaded via the Services Levebee can be subjected to laws regarding export from the United States. It is prohibited to download them or export or re-export (i) to (or a citizen or an inhabitant) of Cuba, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Iran, Syria or other countries, to which the United States imposed an embargo on goods, or (ii) to any individual or a subject on the blacklist of the US Treasury Department especially given persons or the list of individuals or companies excluded from imports by the Department of Commerce. By agreeing to the Terms, you declare that you are not located, that you are not under control, or you are not a citizen or an inhabitant of such a country, an individual or a subject on any list of such kind. 4.5 The Services Levebee, documentation or its parts including information on Services and their parts can be subjected to import/export control measures based on legal regulations, which can be passed by the government entitled to it by applicable law. The User agrees and commits to strictly comply with all applicable import and export regulations and acknowledges that he bears responsibility for gaining necessary export/ re-exports, transit and import permits for the Services. 5. Disclaimer on personal data protection 5.1 With regard to personal data protection, the Provider acts according to the law no. 127/2005Sb, on electronic communications, and the law no. 101/2000Sb, on personal data protection, and change of some laws and other respective legal regulations. 5.2 The User agrees with the use of personal data by the Provider of the Services, specifically for the purpose of execution of the rights and duties originating from the purchase contract, for the purpose of administration of the User account and for the purpose of sending information and business communication to the User. 5.3 The Provider is entitled to appoint a third party to process the User’s personal data. 5.4 The personal data shall be stored for unlimited time. The personal data shall be processed in an electronic form in an automatized way or in a printed form in an un-automatized way. 5.5 All data necessary for registration and licensing the Services Levebee serve only for internal purposes of the Provider, who commits to properly protect the data and not abuse it in anyway, in particular especially not providing the data to third parties without the User’s prior consent and not using the data in a greater capacity than necessary for providing own Services and obtaining payments for them. 5.6 All provided data and data created by the User shall be permanently blocked in the system upon cancellation of the registration (license) for Services Levebee. 5.7 The Provider commits not to forward or enable access to your User data, with the exception of requested cooperation by government departments or organs involved in criminal investigations based on valid legal laws and regulations. 5.8 Should the User request information about his personal data processing, the Provider is obliged to provide the User with such information. Based on the previous sentence, the Provider, for having provided such information, is entitled to claim adequate reimbursement not exceeding the necessary cost for providing such information. 5.9 Contact us for more information on personal data protection. 6. Sending business communication and saving cookies 6.1 The User agrees with receiving information connected to the goods, services and company of the Provider on the User’s electronic address and further more gives permission to the Provider to send business communication to the User’s electronic address. 6.2 The User agrees with the use of cookies on his computer. The character of the Services provided for by the Provider does not enable him to provide the Services without the use of cookies.