For students with special needs

Levebee creates a personalised experience for all students. Various features were designed to make the exercises perfectly suitable for students with learning difficulties, in particular dyslexia.

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning disorder characterised by difficulties in reading, writing and spelling. Even though there are many types of dyslexia and students are affected by it to different degrees, most dyslexics struggle with identifying speech sounds, which negatively influences their skills to decode words. That, in turn, is a necessary skill for reading. 

Students with dyslexia often: 
  • read and write slowly
  • write letters in the wrong order 
  • make mistakes in spelling 
  • struggle with pronouncing words 
  • struggle with understanding texts they read 
Consequently, students often feel demotivated, lose their confidence and feel low self-esteem.

Dyslexia and learning foreign languages

Since reading and writing in the mother language is difficult for students with dyslexia, learning a foreign language is an even bigger challenge. Especially when the languages they’re learning are characterised by irregular spelling or inconsistent pronunciation. Problems connected with assigning speech sounds to letters make memorising new vocabulary, learning their spelling etc. difficult

Levebee app was created to help students with dyslexia overcome the abovementioned difficulties.

What makes Levebee suitable for students with special needs?

See illustrations of described functions below. 

 The possibility of changing the font style, colour and size. In particular, the Dyslexic Font makes reading easier for students with dyslexia. Parts of letters are bolder and vary in shape in order to prevent students from swapping and turning the letters. As a result, this functionality helps students with dyslexia read more efficiently.

 A bookmark for reading. This is an indispensable reading tool for those who struggle with focusing on currently read sentences. This reading stripe helps students track a single line without jumping words and improves concentration as well as the comfort of reading overall.

 Using different background colours. This functionality enhances reading performance and is beneficial for all readers, especially for those with dyslexia. 

 Difficulty adjustment. Levebee is suitable for students of different ages because the app continuously challenges them according to their abilities. Various content settings allow teachers and parents to adjust each exercise to the individual needs of students.

 Learning through edutainment. Exercises in Levebee incorporate both education and entertainment. Studying with the app is simply fun.

 The combination of audio, images and text enhances concentration, stimulates imagination, motivates and engages students.

 Custom exercises. The app allows teachers to create their own exercises and therefore customise them as much as it’s necessary. They can then assign those exercises to individual students or whole classes. 

Learn how to create your own exercises by watching this tutorial:

Two favourite exercises of teachers whose students have learning difficulties:

  • Exercise 206 Rhymes
In this exercise, students have to find a word that sounds similar to the one they are presented with. Once they choose an answer, the written word is revealed. This exercise is especially beneficial for dyslexic students owing to the combination of audio and text presented in it.

  • Exercise 404 Dividing a word into speech sounds
In exercise 404 a student is presented with a recording of a word accompanied by a picture, which serves as a visual aid. After listening to the audio, the student composes the written word by putting together scattered letters in the correct order. The combination of audio, image and text helps students remember the vocabulary they practise.

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