For tutors

Do you teach privately? Try Levebee for tutors with your students!

Levebee app offers various educational games and interactive exercises which engage students and transform studying into a fascinating journey. It's suitable for all students, including children with special needs. Using this electronic teaching assistant saves time spent on preparing and printing materials. It’s an irreplaceable tool whether you teach online or offline.

Are you a tutor (you’re not a member of any school) and you would like to use Levebee during classes? This license is made just for you.

Price list for tutors (VAT included)

The licence includes all subjects in Levebee (English, German, Spanish and soon Maths) as well as all updates.

special licence for tutors

90 € / a tutor / 1 year
at a bargain price of 7.5 € per month
  • Access to all subjects (English, German, Spanish) during private classes
  • Creating exercises with your own content including quizzes, memory games etc.
  • Assigning homework to individual students as well as whole groups (students must have individual licences to use the app outside the class)
  • Access to students’ results (including replaying specific exercises your students found difficult)

Tutors may buy licences for their students in bulk and receive a volume discount. 

Order the licence or try Levebee for free

Levebee is not a pig in a poke! You can always try it out, no strings attached 🙂!
Tutors may buy licences for their students and receive a volume discount. 

In order to try the app or purchase the licence contact us via email at We'll reply to you promptly and execute your order. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us +420 799 512 123

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