How it works

One quarter of the literate population suffers from dyslexia and other reading issues.

Based on proven exercises used in the reading disorder treatment praxis, the app creates an individual set of exercises for each reader that adapts to the current reader's skills.

These conditions create many problems:
  • Barrier to education
  • Demotivation
  • Reduction of self-esteem
  • Limits career options
People with reading issues are often unjustly stigmatized as lazy or stupid, which is not the case!

And there are millions more who need help with reading too

Students learning a foreign language, stroke patients, and even kids without any current reading issues, all need to practice reading on a daily basis.

Current solutions are not sufficient

If you need help with reading, your current options are:
  1. Go to a specialist There is a limited number of experts that can diagnose your child and assign your child special exercises. No expert can devote time to your child every day.
  2. Books, iPad/tablet games or videos But currently available content is a one-size-fits-all solution. How do you know how to create an effective learning plan that combines the available methods?

Why Levebee app

The Levebee app is being built by reading experts to serve as an individual reading coach, combining the expertise of a specialist with the scalability of an app. Every user starts with a thorough diagnosis of reading skills. Based on the results, the Levebee app automatically creates a list of exercises specifically designed for the user. The user's performance along with a subjective evaluation of the difficulty is used to adapt the exercises to the user's progress. Separate access for specialists, teachers or parents also allows manual adjustments. This means that the path each user takes within the app is 100% unique. Levebee also functions as a platform for existing content providers, getting currently available content for tackling reading issues to the masses. In the first few months after the launch, we plan to cover grades 1-5. We'll be adding content for higher grades later. Levebee will work on a free trial basis with monthly subscription.