Polish for foreigners

The Polish language can be fun even for foreign students!

We have created a new section, especially for foreign-speaking children, to make it easier for them to learn the language. 

You will find the mentioned section FOR FOREIGNERS in the Levebee application under the subject POLISH.

How does the Levebee application help you learn Polish as a foreign language? Levebee offers:

  •  over 90 exercises to practice vocabulary, correct pronunciation, listening and reading;
  •  exercises are divided into categories, including current topics and the CEFR language level;
  •  a wide range of settings allows you to adjust each exercise to the individual needs of the student;
  • Adjusting the exercises to the needs and skills of the childAdjusting the exercises to the needs and skills of the childAdjusting the exercises to the needs and skills of the child a list of exercises based on the initial diagnosis of readings skills, and therefore tailored to the individual needs of each student;
  •  access to group lessons on a projector and individual exercises on a computer/phone at home;
  • The features and exercises in the app are designed The features and exercises in the app are designed  features and exercises in the app are designed with the needs of dyslexic students in mind;
  •  recording of students' pronunciation using a microphone and comparing it with the correct one;
  •  your own exercises with vocabulary tailored to the student / thematic plan;
  •  fun exercises that will boost student's motivation, engagement, as well as, help teachers connect with their pupils.

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Levebee is recommended by parents, teachers and specialists!

"From the point of view of the therapist using the application, the great advantage is the possibility of making an initial diagnosis of the child. The diagnosis is not extensive, the questions are very specific and cover the main areas related to the process of learning to read. A very convenient option is the automatic adjustment of the right exercises and tasks, to the needs of children. The possibility of changing and configuring them during the exercise, depending on the needs and resources of the child, is another advantage of the Levebee. Looking at the application from the parent's point of view, I had one main thought, but I believe it is key. It is an application that requires the presence of the parent with the child, and thus strongly influences the building of parent-child bonds and relationships. Playing together and learning through play, especially nowadays, is of great value, so Levebee also has therapeutic value... “ 
-- Anna Sterkowicz-Górecka, teacher, pedagogical therapist --

"For over a year, I have been using Levebee tasks during classes at my private academy. I work with children with learning disabilities at a young age. All of the tasks allow me to mix up my classes using an interactive board. Children love multimedia tasks, so they are always fun for them, and at the same time, they improve and strengthen their Polish language skills."
-- Agata Pajęcka, Creative Academy of Child Development 'Pajęczynka' --

"An application that not only" teaches ", but also allows you to improve the knowledge and skills of the Polish language. It is also entertaining for children. Simply - learning through play :)"
-- Joanna Miller, early childhood education teacher --

"The application has ready-made sets of exercises adapted to the level of skills set for the age. However, we are not limited to the available templates. We can modify the sets of exercises and adjust their level of difficulty to the child's skills. The intuitive user interface makes the use of the application by a parent and a child easy and doesn't require instructions. A great motivator for the children is the points for each exercise performed. The parent has the opportunity to check the history of exercises performed by the child with clear, multidimensional statistics."
-- Anna, parent --


Levebee for all ages!

Although Levebee's art style is fun and playful it doesn't mean older students or adults can't use it!  Levebee is a great source of materials that are fun and educational at the same time.

Are there pupils with a different mother tongue in your school or kindergarten?

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