About Levebee

The Levebee app is being built by reading experts to serve as an individual reading coach, combining the expertise of a specialist with the scalability of an app.

Founding team

Michal Zwinger, Michal Hudecek, Simon Rozsival, Marek Lisy, Veronika Pavlikova, Renata Wolfova.

We already have quite a lot of experience developing effective how-to-read methods and applying academic knowledge into an attractive app. In 2011 we launched the reading productivity app Legentas (targeting college students and adults), which has become an international success covering 7 languages. Legentas continues to grow steadily.

Along the way, we realized that kids would especially benefit from the knowledge we gained. So we have devoted our team and already developed text-related technology to creating an app that will change their lives.

Michal Zwinger - michal.zwinger@levebee.com, +420 608 617 352. Michal Hudecek - michal.hudecek@levebee.com, +420 605 518 724.

Reading experts on board

PaedDr. Renata Wolfova – special education teacher with 25+ years of experience with children requiring special education approaches in the fields of reading development, writing and mathematical skills. Currently working as a specialist in the Educational and Psychological Counselling Center in Prague.

PhDr. PaedDr. Anna Kucharska, Ph.D., Psychology department, Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague. Specializes in learning disorders, currently mainly in specific learning disorders among college students.

We are also collaborating with world class experts such as Thomas G. West, the author of In the Mind's Eye.

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