Levebee at school

Provide your students with interactive activities at school.

Levebee is an innovative teaching tool that helps teachers motivate their students in the class and at home. The app offers various educational games and interactive exercises which engage students and transform studying into a fascinating journey.
Levebee allows the customisation of each student's course to ensure a personalised experience for all students, including children with special needs. Whether it’s a group class or an individual lesson. It saves time teachers spend on copying and researching materials as all exercises are in electronic form. Teachers may also create their own exercises in the app. Levebee keeps teachers and students connected outside the classroom. Tutors assign homework to their pupils and track their progress. Entertaining and engaging activities are suitable for all classes at any level regardless of the used textbook. The app can be used on a projector, interactive board, laptop, tablet or phone.

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Price list (VAT included)

The price of a school licence is based on the number of students using the app at a given time. Students can use the app not only during classes but also at home. The school can reassign licences freely among students within the number of licences in the purchased bundle.

A school licence includes unlimited teacher accounts for use during classes as well as at home.

A school licence has to be bought by the school, however, the money can be collected from the students.

15+ licences
per student / year
50+ licences
per student / year
100+ licences
per student / year

Ordering the licence for a school

We kindly ask you to send us basic information about the school and the type of licence via email: support@levebee.com. We'll contact you promptly and execute your order.

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