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Levebee offers hundreds of unique exercises, each representing the smallest possible learning bit of math. This helps to pinpoint where the students get lost and allows them to build understanding by focusing on one simple activity at a time. The interface of the app is made with love for kids with special education needs and offered in multiple languages.

Smallest possible learning bits

The math concepts taught in the app are divided into hundreds of unique multimodal exercises - each representing the smallest possible learning bit. This helps to reduce cognitive load and allows students to focus on one thing at a time. Each exercise is generated randomly within methodological constraints to offer unlimited interactive examples to learn from. The app provides instant feedback, especially incorporating the typical misconceptions.

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Early math concepts

Right-left orientation from the perspectiveof others

Early math concepts

Distribution: more or less by 1 or 2

Early math concepts

Maths stairs

Early math concepts

How many pictures disappeared?

Early math concepts

Matching numbers (0-5)

Counting to 5

Find all the ways of constructing a bar (0-5)

Counting to 5

How much greater / how many missing (0-20)

Counting to 20

Simple word problems (0-100), all problems

Counting to 100

Which shadow is correct?


Made with 💛 for kids with special education needs and offered in multiple languages.

We applied 30 years of experience in special education to create a distraction-free environment for kids to learn math. The interface of the app can be adjusted for kids with dyslexia, autism, ADHD, visual impairment, and many other special needs. All instructions in the app can be shown and played in two languages simultaneously. This allows a teacher who speaks one language to work with a student who speaks a different language.

Trusted by 500 schools and 300,000 students

In addition to progress in mathematics, teachers also report improvements in children's self-confidence, concentration, independence, cooperation with other children and improved attendance or digital skills.

"The app gives me a clear picture of what I should work on more with the children, where they are struggling and what I should focus on."

Anca, Romania

"Thanks to Levebee, children like maths and see it as a fun activity. It's not just a game as a reward after learning, but real game-based learning."

Eva, Slovakia

"The app helped the pupils not only in maths but also in gaining more confidence and improving their self-image."

Agata, Poland

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