About Levebee

We are a team of experienced math interventionists who are building tools to make professional Tier 3 math intervention available to more students. There are too many children who would benefit greatly from it, but never receive it. We recognize the irreplaceable role of teachers in this process, but we do believe that technology can make the job easier, especially for those who are new to it. Levebee not only guides the student, but also the teacher, explaining in plain language where the student's hidden gaps are and what the app is trying to teach at any given moment. This helps teachers to continue to support students well beyond the app.

The founders

Michal Hudeček, CEO

Michal Hudecek is the CEO of Levebee. With 20 years of experience in EdTech, he provides a realistic perspective on the promise and limitations of educational technology, including the latest advances in AI. He is also a public speaker and writer on educational technology, product design, and accessibility.

Renata Wolfová, chief methodologist

Renata has been teaching reading, writing and math to kids with various special education needs for more than 30 years. In her private practice, she has achieved stunning results even with kids with severe difficulties. She has also written multiple publications on the topic.

Original founders also include Michal Zwinger, Šimon Rozsíval, Marek Lisý and Veronika Pavlíková.

Special advisor

Karina Batat, educational advisor

Karina Batat is a specialist in implementation of innovation and digital culture in schools from Israel.  She is a Primary School teacher, teacher of teachers and Pedagogical Mentor. Since 2015 Karina has been the Lead Ambassador at the FCL Network and Head of Beta School – the Israeli FCL. In 2022 she joined Technological Innovation Division of Israel Ministry of Education. She believes that the challenge of education in the Digital Era is turning the Digital Revolution into Digital Evolution.