Finding objects using ordinal numbers 1st-9th

Tips on how to use this exercise at home and at school.

Finding objects using ordinal numbers 1st-9th

Early math concepts

In this exercise, we will associate concepts with ordinals. The child actively uses the concepts as instructed.

What is this exercise good for?
So far, we have dealt with numbers, but it is also important to be aware of the order of numbers. Understanding the linguistic relationships before, after, just before, just before, just after, just after the first, etc., which the children practised in Ex. 113 Do you understand the concepts? In this way, children make connections between number ideas and number relationships that are challenging for language comprehension.

Who is this exercise suitable for?
Generally belongs in preschool or early school play. Some children solve the task intuitively and naturally, some children need to go through the tasks purposefully. Some children find this task difficult.

Methodological recommendations
Either read aloud the instructions to the child, play them from the app or let the child read them by themselves.

In the settings, we choose the length of the row. This adjusts the difficulty. The pictures are loaded from left to right, so the first picture is always on the left. If the child fails, we have to check if the relational concepts are understood before, after, just before, just after, just after the first, and so on. We check to see if he or she has mastered the number series and understands the numbers  see previous exercises in this section.

Tips for similar activities outside the app
Sort everyday-life objects: cars, dolls, children, family members, pictures, etc. Ask "Who stands first? Which car is last? Which doll is third in line? Which family members are standing behind Mommy? Which cube is in the middle?" And so on.