Identifying numbers 0-10 based on hints (smaller, greater)

Tips on how to use this exercise at home and at school.

Identifying numbers 0-10 based on hints (smaller, greater)

Early math concepts

In this exercise, the child practices mentally the number series 0-10.

Why is this exercise important?
Automation (clearly established idea and use) of the number series 0-10 is one of the conditions for future successful counting. The child thus activates the correct mental representation of numbers.

Who is the exercise suitable for?
In general, it belongs to pre-school or early school games. Some children solve this task intuitively and naturally, while others need to go through these tasks purposefully. Some children find this task difficult.

Methodological recommendations
Either read aloud the instructions to the child, play them from the app or let the child read them by themselves.

The game "I think of a number" is played by the child with the Bee. The Bee randomly generates a number and the child asks the thought number with successive questions. If the child learns that the number is greater than 3, and from past queries he/she learns that it is also less than 5, then it is clear that the number being looked for is 4. Good comprehension allows one to ask "smart" questions and arrive at the result efficiently early.

Tips for similar activities outside the app
You can also play this game outside the app in the car, on the train or a walk. You can take turns guessing and the one who finds the number using the fewest questions wins.