Hitting digits 0-10 based on audio instruction

Tips on how to use this exercise at home and at school.

Hitting digits 0-10 based on audio instruction

Early math concepts

In this exercise, the child recognizes the digits. The digits are 0-10, which are coloured differently and have more complicated representations. The child can say out loud what they recognised the digit by and what if any, confused them.

Why is this exercise important?
The child needs to know the correct shape of the digits, which he also learns to write correctly. In everyday life, however, there are different graphic forms of digits, and different fonts are used, so it is useful to introduce children to different shapes where the basic characteristics are still recognisable.

Who is this exercise suitable for?
Generally, it belongs in preschool or early school play. In addition to number concepts, it develops visual discrimination.

Methodological recommendations
Instructions can be read by you, played from the app or by the child.

In the settings we can select:

  • Digit range 0-5 or 0-10
  • We can choose the speed of the digits (normal, slow, very slow)
  • The digits move from right to left at the selected speed and the child "hits" the instruction.

Tips for similar activities outside the app
With the child, notice different fonts or types of writing. We don't have to focus only on numbers but also on letters. We notice leaflets, and headlines in magazines, and shops. For example, we ask the child: 'Can you see where the number five is on this page? What number is on this price tag? Show me where the number one is in the heading."  

You can also write numbers or letters on the computer in different fonts and so on.