Math for Ukrainians

Let's help Ukrainian children with the basics of mathematics!

The goal of the Levebee app is to help all children who are struggling with basic math. This also includes children with a different mother tongue. In Levebee it is possible to both see and listen to audio instructions in two languages at the same time (e.g. in Czech and Ukrainian) so that both the teacher and the child can understand the task. In addition to mathematics, the children are also naturally learning Czech! Therefore, Levebee is an ideal tool for teachers in kindergartens and primary schools where Ukrainian children come and do not speak Czech yet.

Levebee helps find the real gaps in maths.

Which part of math a child does not understand may not be obvious at first. If the child has a problem with fractions, practicing fractions with a lot of extra exercises will not usually help. There is a good chance that they do not actually have a proper understanding of, for example, division or multiplication. Levebee helps to find and fill in these gaps.

Each exercise in the Levebee app represents the smallest possible bit of math skills.

Children have difficulties with the continuity of math skills. If a child does not understand a specific area, it is difficult for them to continue to build new math skills.Thanks to many years of experience with children with special needs, we have a very good understanding of all the mental steps children must take in their head in order to really understand a given mathematical concept.

Examples of exercises:

Search by two criteria

Early math concepts

Right-left orientation from the perspectiveof others

Early math concepts

Distribution: more or less by 1 or 2

Early math concepts

Maths stairs

Early math concepts

How many pictures disappeared?

Early math concepts

Matching numbers (0-5)

Counting to 5

Find all the ways of constructing a bar (0-5)

Counting to 5

How much greater / how many missing (0-20)

Counting to 20

Simple word problems (0-100), all problems

Counting to 100

Which shadow is correct?


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Created with love for all children, including those with specific learning disabilities.

We applied all of our previous experience with teaching not only children with SEN but also children who, for some reason, missed their classes. The environment of the app is also suitable for children with autism, dyslexia, ADHD, different mother tongue or visual impairment.


Support for the teacher

Levebee allows the teacher to map the gaps in mathematics in the whole class and continuously monitor how well pupils are filling them.


Privacy Protection

The app does not display ads, does not collect any personal data about children and does not store marketing cookies. All our servers are in the EU.


Wide application possibilities

Levebee can be used for explaining, practicing and evaluating. It works on computers, tablets, smartphones, projectors and interactive whiteboards.


Ease of use

Even children who cannot read yet can use the app. It is also suitable for teachers who are just starting to use technology in the classroom.

Pilot testing - experience of foreign schools

Teachers from the pilot projects in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Israel agree that, in addition to progress in mathematics, they also see improvements in children's self-confidence, concentration, independence, cooperation with other children and, for example, improved attendance or digital skills.

"The app gives me a clear picture of what I should work on more with the children, where they are struggling and what I should focus on."

Anca, Romania

"Thanks to Levebee, children like maths and see it as a fun activity. It's not just a game as a reward after learning, but real game-based learning."

Eva, Slovakia

"The app helped the pupils not only in maths but also in gaining more confidence and improving their self-image."

Agata, Poland

The impact on pupils from the teacher's perspective:

"I was also very happy about the effect the app had on their attitude towards the school and the rising interest in not missing any classes so they don't miss the opportunity to use the app. I had pupils who refused to leave the kindergarten to go home and asked their parents to come back for them later to have time to do some more exercises in the app."

"In this particular case, with this child, Levebee helps me evaluate very easily his level, it helps me recuperate most of the topics he missed and helps me to put him back on track."

"I am very happy about the progress of one particular child because he is usually very shy and not actively involved in any activity, even though he is clever and smart. But thanks to Levebee, I have seen progress in cooperation as well, because he has asked other classmates for help. I purposely asked one of his classmates to sit next to the boy to see if he would start to communicate, and he did. Now they are friends."